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Winter Driving Means More Damage That Impacts Used Car Value

Mother Nature can make the roads tricky for even the most seasoned drivers.

When the temperature drops, it’s usually a sign that snow and ice aren’t far behind. When roads get more slippery, driving becomes more complicated which unfortunately means more accidents.

The winter season can see more accident claims than other times of the year. For dri…

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Avoid Winter Related Damage with Proper Winter Maintenance

As Canadians, we’re familiar with all the wonders and challenges of winter. Slippery roads can send you sliding, but they’re not the only hazards out there.

There are many elements of winter that can damage your car. Proper winter maintenance provides short-term benefits in that it stops you from dealing with damage or repair expenses, but it is al…

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How to Avoid Scams When Browsing Private Used Car Listings

Scams have always been around, and the automotive industry has seen more than its fair share.

There are several red flags you should look for when viewing a used car listing posted by a private seller you don’t know. While most private sellers are ordinary people like you, there are a few bad apples in the bunch that you may want to look out for. B…

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Should I Trade in My Car or Sell It Privately?

At some point in your driving career you’ve probably asked yourself: Should I sell my used car privately, or trade it in to a dealership?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. When you sell a used car you’re obviously looking for the best deal possible, and selling and trading in can both be a good choice under the right circumsta…

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CarProof's Guide on the 10 Question to Ask Before You Buy a Used Car

Not sure which questions you should ask a private car seller? Check out our must-ask list!

We’ve created 10 Questions to Ask a Private Used Car Seller so you know the important questions you need to a…

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CarProof's Guide on How to Take a Car for a Test Drive

The test drive is a crucial part of buying a used car.

Do you know what to look for?

We’ve created How to Take a Used Car for a Test Drive to provide you with everything you need to know to ensure the…

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Finalizing a Private Used Car Sale

You’ve found a great car from a private seller. But how do you finalize the sale?

We’ve created How to Finalize a Private Used Car Sale so you know exactly how to complete the sale in your province. E…

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How Much Should I Charge for My Used Car?

Many factors influence your car’s book value:

Accident history and auto values

It’s no secret that a vehicle’s history impacts its value. If your car has a clean history, this can be a great selling f…

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